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about my neighbourhood’s earthquake-induced portaloo issues, BUT here is an interesting development. so my poor flatmate has been working her ass off coordinating a joint EQC claim from twelve or so households and, finally, months later, the repair guys are able to come and replace the entire underground drainage system in our street (at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars). huzzah, an inside toilet, two weeks before i move away!

thing is, the pipes are on a slant of some sort, with our house (and surrounding houses) at the bottom. so, nothing drains from us, but everything drains to us. in order to fix this, though, the entire system needs to be dug up, including the backyard of one truly awful human being at the other end of the street.

the diggers have been here for three days, and this hideous woman refuses to let them on her property because they need to dig up her backyard. her toilet flushes and her shower drains fine, so apparently she couldn’t care less. she’s even gotten her lawyer to fight, um, everyone. dear lord.

meanwhile, everyone else is sharing the aylesford street neighbourhood shitbox. i want to get all my neighbours over for CURRY and BEER and then we can all go knock on her door and ask to use her bathroom since it’s working so fucking fantastically. or perhaps we could all go crap in her backyard, i don’t know.