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oh also also my hair is significantly (okay not very significantly) blonder check it

b o r e d

gigantor new glasses.

tiny family! (at Albert Park)

my sister’s flatmate fixed the DIY fringe i’ve been rocking for the past few months but now it is startlingly short. i keep trying to push it down like those barbies with the hair that grew but i don’t think it’s helping.

also here are some new-ish glasses that i haven’t put on tumblr before. sorry my tired bug eyes.

yesterday hungry hungry homos breakfasted and lunched and climbed one tree hill and herded sheep and jumped out of trees x

this was done without my knowledge or consent

this was done without my knowledge or consent

cold&flu medication plus attempting to capture new glasses&haircut: outtakes.

spending my sunday afternoon sprawled on the living room floor with tea and sunshine.

lorna dressed as lady for bridget’s nicki minaj birthday on friday night; picked me up from the airport this way